Monday, August 3, 2015

~ Happiness and the Soul ~

 A metaphysical viewpoint highlights the philosophy that there is a part within us all which exists forever! This part is thought to transcend space and time. It survives within us during its sojourn on numerous material incarnations, and continues to evolve through subsequent spiritual planes. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, yet it may be recognized when we connect deeply and honestly with living beings in heart centered, selfless ways... 

This part is the Soul, and its essence...which we are all thought to be continuously, and forever reckoning with, on personal and collective levels ~ whether we are aware of it or not.

Our souls are believed to enter the physical world ~ enveloped in animate forms which vary from incarnation to incarnation ~ motivated to embark upon their respective missions. However, due to various traumas in the current life, and different types of past life residue occurring on multiple levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), a thing known as soul loss can begin to occur, which can lead to a severing of our spiritual connection to the things most vitally, and creatively pleasing to us, ultimately resulting in a dispossession, or obscuring of personal happiness. Because we live in a world in which significant trauma exists, it makes sense to understand that there may be a great number of us walking around the planet suffering from soul loss…
For many of us, the conscious decision to pursue a journey to joy comes hand in hand with an inordinate amount of soul searching. Quite literally, this is when the individual impacted by soul loss engages in an endeavor to look for the missing pieces of his/her soul while coming to the realization that sustainable happiness can only happen when one engages in pursuits which are in line with the soul’s destination. Not everyone experiencing soul loss chooses to address its occurrence in this lifetime; however, those of us who consciously decide to embark upon a personal quest for authentic happiness should be aware that we are simultaneously opening up the doors to a period of spiritual transition like no other.
Some of the things we can expect to encounter during a transition of this type are extreme (often painful) changes on different levels. Changes at the cellular and physiological stage are often noticed first, and may include aching joints, muscle spasms and notable tiredness as significant energy is expended, the symptoms of which are consistently unverifiable through medical or scientific means. Changes at the cognitive stage may encompass confusion, frustration and intense anxiety as the conflicted soul begins to reject any and every path which is believed to be inconsistent with its integrity. On an emotional level we may find ourselves experiencing profound sadness, as we abandon and mourn the parts of ourselves (and our lives) which have outlived their usefulness.
The spiritual level is perhaps the most important, with regard to the process of restoring our propensity for happiness, and is also the level which is most affected during a spiritual transition. Individuals afflicted on this level tend to find themselves feeling like there is no place within the Universe that they fit in, and the harder they strive to find their niche (often within a revved up ego state), the more despair they find themselves in alongside their perceptions that it is nowhere to be found.
Because we live in a world which is fraught with illusion, finding our “right” place(s) in it can threaten to become demoralizing. It is important to realize through the struggle that our place in the world can and will be found as we begin to listen to, and employ the spiritual insights gained during the transition process. Such insights are specifically meaningful to the particular individual who is experiencing them. During a spiritual transition we can empower ourselves to help facilitate our own recovery by striving to fight the impulse to turn away from our own spiritual beliefs and connectedness; this impulse can sometimes be very strong.

The preceding types of experiences are sometimes referred to as a “healing crisis”. 
~  ~  ~
Through their work as healing agents, soul retrievers and past life seers, authentic shamans can sometimes offer a more direct route to recovery of soul pieces, thus offering external support during the spiritual transition process.

Remember: There is indeed a spiritual benefit attached to being happy! When we are truly happy, like a magnificent ripple effect our vibrational energy rises, adding to the collective consciousness of the world in a way that restores health and healing, not only to ourselves, but to every living thing around us.