Thursday, October 29, 2015

Using Reiki Energy Meditation for Self-Care; Self-Love and Self-Healing

As a holistic oriented clinician and Reiki Master Teacher, I find that I enter into discussions about the concept of “self-care” frequently during the course of my work with others. Indeed, although self-care is an idea that is being talked about more and more often - in numerous diverse circles - many people find themselves feeling stumped and frustrated when it comes to implementing any type of self care regimen into their lives, due to perceived limitations around work schedules, child care, finances, time and other logistical considerations.

This is where the application of Reiki Energy Meditation as an accessible and empowering method of self-care can be so wonderful! To enjoy the following exercise, all you will need is yourself, a quiet space, approximately thirty minutes of your time and the will to grow in peace of mind, body and spirit. (Some basic experience with Reiki is ideal, but not essential).
1. First find a quiet place to sit, where you won’t be interrupted, and gently lean back in your chair. Lower, and close your eyes as you feel comfortable. Next, notice your breathing. You may become more aware of your breathing as you consciously take in air through your nose then release it through your mouth…slowly breath in through your nose and out through your mouth…in and out…continue with this pattern and notice how your body and mind appreciates, and responds to this relaxed, steady pace of breathing!
2. Now, gently place your hands on top of your head. Be aware that you are cradling the crown energy center, the seventh chakra. This chakra manifests as a luminous, bright white light. Embrace this light energy! As you breathe in, recognize that you are taking in revitalizing, universal, cosmic life force energy, and in so doing, connecting with your innate, wonderful wisdom. As you breathe out, know that, just for now, you are fully able to let go of all worries, rigid expectations, anger, unconsciousness, and any other ego attachments on material or emotional levels that prevent you from being at peace with your authentic self.

3. Now, gently place one or both hands on your brow. Be aware that you are nurturing the third eye energy center, the sixth chakra. This chakra manifests as a mystical purple light. See this light energy shimmering in your mind’s eye. As you breathe in, recognize that you are stimulating and taking in intuition, perception, awareness and discernment. As you breathe out, know that, just for now, you are able to release all attachments to self deception and any other misleading illusions.
4. Now, gently place one or both hands over your throat. Be aware that you are cupping your throat energy center, the fifth chakra. This chakra manifests as a glowing, true blue, serene light! See this vibrant light energy. As you breathe in, you are recognizing and taking in the essence of your personal integrity and truth, which you are now able to communicate freely without fear. As you breathe out, know that just for now, you are able to detach from all falsehoods, lies and fears related to honest expression.

5. Now gently place one or both hands over your heart. Be aware that the heart energy center is the fourth chakra, and radiates a green, loving, abundant, compassionate, soothing light! Embrace this gracious light energy. As you breathe in, recognize that you are inviting love, openness, peace, compassion, humility and interconnectedness into your life! You are consciously opening yourself up to your ability to recognize yourself in another. As you breathe out, know that just for now, you are able to let go of all grief, loss, sadness, (self) judgment, loneliness and isolation.

6. Now gently place both hands on top of your stomach area. Be aware that this is the solar plexus chakra energy center, the third chakra. This chakra emanates a brilliant, warm, sun inspired, beaming light! See, and feel this brilliant yellow light energy! As you breathe in, recognize that you are saying ‘yes’ to personal power; will power, the freedom to make choices and the ability to exercise calm, steady confidence as the unique being you are. As you breathe out, know that, just for now, you are able to let go of all self criticism, self doubt and shame.

7. Now gently place both hands on top of your lower abdomen. Be aware that this is the sacral chakra energy center, the second chakra. It radiates a bright orange, vital light energy. Really see and feel this sensual light energy! As you breathe in, notice that you are embracing joy; pleasure, passion, boundless creativity, sacred sexuality and the ability to manifest everything your heart desires. As you breathe out, know that just for now, you are able to surrender all guilt, mistrust of the self and others and the need for excessive control.
8. Now place both hands simultaneously atop each knee or upper leg. Be aware that your hands are beaming energy in alignment with your root chakra energy center, the first chakra. The first chakra exhibits a fierce, flaming red, determined light energy! Feel the powerful intensity of this particular light energy. As you breathe in, recognize that you are inviting a sense of grounding, stability, security and congruence into your life. As you exhale, know that just for now, you are able to release fear, restlessness, extreme emotions and indecisiveness into the ground beneath you.

9. Slowly and gradually bring your attention back to the space you are sitting in. Open your eyes. Stretch...and enjoy the rest of your day!!!


Monday, August 3, 2015

~ Happiness and the Soul ~

 A metaphysical viewpoint highlights the philosophy that there is a part within us all which exists forever! This part is thought to transcend space and time. It survives within us during its sojourn on numerous material incarnations, and continues to evolve through subsequent spiritual planes. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, yet it may be recognized when we connect deeply and honestly with living beings in heart centered, selfless ways... 

This part is the Soul, and its essence...which we are all thought to be continuously, and forever reckoning with, on personal and collective levels ~ whether we are aware of it or not.

Our souls are believed to enter the physical world ~ enveloped in animate forms which vary from incarnation to incarnation ~ motivated to embark upon their respective missions. However, due to various traumas in the current life, and different types of past life residue occurring on multiple levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), a thing known as soul loss can begin to occur, which can lead to a severing of our spiritual connection to the things most vitally, and creatively pleasing to us, ultimately resulting in a dispossession, or obscuring of personal happiness. Because we live in a world in which significant trauma exists, it makes sense to understand that there may be a great number of us walking around the planet suffering from soul loss…
For many of us, the conscious decision to pursue a journey to joy comes hand in hand with an inordinate amount of soul searching. Quite literally, this is when the individual impacted by soul loss engages in an endeavor to look for the missing pieces of his/her soul while coming to the realization that sustainable happiness can only happen when one engages in pursuits which are in line with the soul’s destination. Not everyone experiencing soul loss chooses to address its occurrence in this lifetime; however, those of us who consciously decide to embark upon a personal quest for authentic happiness should be aware that we are simultaneously opening up the doors to a period of spiritual transition like no other.
Some of the things we can expect to encounter during a transition of this type are extreme (often painful) changes on different levels. Changes at the cellular and physiological stage are often noticed first, and may include aching joints, muscle spasms and notable tiredness as significant energy is expended, the symptoms of which are consistently unverifiable through medical or scientific means. Changes at the cognitive stage may encompass confusion, frustration and intense anxiety as the conflicted soul begins to reject any and every path which is believed to be inconsistent with its integrity. On an emotional level we may find ourselves experiencing profound sadness, as we abandon and mourn the parts of ourselves (and our lives) which have outlived their usefulness.
The spiritual level is perhaps the most important, with regard to the process of restoring our propensity for happiness, and is also the level which is most affected during a spiritual transition. Individuals afflicted on this level tend to find themselves feeling like there is no place within the Universe that they fit in, and the harder they strive to find their niche (often within a revved up ego state), the more despair they find themselves in alongside their perceptions that it is nowhere to be found.
Because we live in a world which is fraught with illusion, finding our “right” place(s) in it can threaten to become demoralizing. It is important to realize through the struggle that our place in the world can and will be found as we begin to listen to, and employ the spiritual insights gained during the transition process. Such insights are specifically meaningful to the particular individual who is experiencing them. During a spiritual transition we can empower ourselves to help facilitate our own recovery by striving to fight the impulse to turn away from our own spiritual beliefs and connectedness; this impulse can sometimes be very strong.

The preceding types of experiences are sometimes referred to as a “healing crisis”. 
~  ~  ~
Through their work as healing agents, soul retrievers and past life seers, authentic shamans can sometimes offer a more direct route to recovery of soul pieces, thus offering external support during the spiritual transition process.

Remember: There is indeed a spiritual benefit attached to being happy! When we are truly happy, like a magnificent ripple effect our vibrational energy rises, adding to the collective consciousness of the world in a way that restores health and healing, not only to ourselves, but to every living thing around us.




Sunday, July 19, 2015

~The Spiritual Playground of Connections and Dreams~


Many people are familiar with the increasingly popular catchphrase: “Everything is connected”. However, it is conceivable that equally many might say they were unsure as to the exact implications of this statement, if they were asked to define it. How about you? What might your definition be? Although it is probably fair to say that the meaning of this statement is fairly subjective in nature, for purposes of this piece of writing, let's contemplate the significance of connection from the perspective of our friends who dwell in the spirit world.  

Interconnectivity is a main frame of reference for Spirit Guides, Angels and departed loved ones, expressly as it pertains to their collective work as healing oriented messengers. These spiritually evolved beings, although somewhat different in their origins, abilities and levels of ascension, actively use connections to impart multidimensional messages concerned with the happiness, healing, transformation and evolutionary growth of individuals, duos, groups, various societies and world civilizations.

In essence, these spirit beings are largely able to maintain access to an aerial view of our personal, life road maps, and are eager to impart information which will make our journeys less confusing and more enlightening, experientially, for us. They are able to see the multiple twists and turns we may (or perhaps should not) take in order to reach our core destinies, and are invested in advising us as we deliberate around roads, paths and highways, in order that we might find the best routes possible!  

Perhaps your curiosity has been piqued by a certain animal that is all of a sudden, popping up in your dreams, thoughts and other areas of waking life, or…a person with whom you were once connected unexpectedly makes contact after you have been dreaming/thinking of them, or…the lyrics of an uncommon song are “stuck in your head” ~ and then you hear the song, multiple times through different types of media? Whatever the particular scenario it is helpful to try to conceive of these links as road signs, emblazoned with information pertinent to the particular person who is receiving them on multiple dimensions; the signs are particularly illustrious when we try to keep a creative and scholarly mind, open to recognizing connection.  

Controversial founder of the theory of psychoanalysis, Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1936), once referred to dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious”, basically meaning that the optimal way to access and understand the unconscious mind is through the dream state. Interestingly, although Freud’s beliefs probably came to fruition using an analytical lens (he was well known for his logical and investigative methods), a spiritual viewpoint would concur with what he had to say about dreams, in terms of their relevance to highlighting unconscious processes, and would even go a step further in its understanding that spirit helpers, including guides, deceased ancestors, angels and animal entities are actually able to communicate with many of us, more easily while we are in various dream states, than when we are in the waking state.

For those of us interested in harnessing the gifts otherworldly information has to offer, learning more about various dream states and the most effective ways to enter, and recall them can be extremely beneficial! Spirit helpers can connect with us regardless of the particular dream state, however, the spiritual dream state appears to be most conducive to receipt of spirit communications.  

Precognitive dreams can be placed in the spiritual category. In this kind of dreaming experience, individuals’ dreams are often quite literal, and tend to feel “real”. That is, the individual typically experiences the dream to be quite rational, although the content ~ in instances where spirit helpers are communicating a warning ~ may be somewhat alarming. Not everyone who experiences a precognitive dream will remember it, however, there are exercises we can explore in the waking state, if we are so inclined, which can help us develop our ability to retrieve information acquired through dreams. Being able to recognize and retrieve the spirit guided information offered in precognitive dreams is significant, as these dreams are prophetic by nature.

Lucid dreams can also be placed in the spiritual category, and are arguably easier to recall than the precognitive type of dream; they can be conceived of as a “spiritual playground” of sorts, in that the individual has awareness that they are dreaming, and is also able to manipulate the dreaming experience at will. As you might imagine, this can be quite a pleasurable experience! Many experienced lucid dreamers have also reported having conversations with various spirit helpers related to matters of foresight, evolution and planetary healing. 

As mentioned earlier, our spirit helpers are able to communicate with us through dreams, no matter what the level or category of the particular dream state is. Being aware that they tend to communicate using symbols (universal, and/or personal) and emotions is more important than worrying about our ability to achieve certain “higher consciousness” dream states ~ this type of development can come with intention, attention, time and practice! In the meantime:  

Remember to regard the symbolic imagery and emotions in your dreams! Additionally, consider the idea that coincidences without meaning do not exist in a spiritual context!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reiki Share and Practice Group!!

A Reiki Share and Practice group is now being offered for anyone interested in giving and receiving Reiki energy healing, and who has also attained Reiki Level 1 or higher.

Reiki share and practice groups are a safe and gentle way for people to participate in the give and take of everyday life. During a "Reiki Share" everyone gets a chance to give and receive Reiki!

Whether you have recently been attuned to Reiki and are eager to practice your new skills on people; are a seasoned Reiki practitioner simply looking for spiritual community, and a safe place to give and receive healing energy from like-minded others or anywhere in between, you are welcome!

The Reiki shares will take place on the first Sunday of every month, in Chicopee, MA with the exception of those days on which there is inclement weather. During the spring and summer months they will run from 5-6.30PM. Light refreshments will be provided.

A $5.00 contribution per person is requested.

Please contact by phone or email for more details regarding location.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Now you see it, now you don't!

Illusion is one of the most ubiquitous yet intangible types of phenomena to be found in the Universe. Quite literally, it has a tendency to exist everywhere...occurring over and over again, and employing a number of different guises during its manifestations!

~   ~   ~

Part of the power of illusion lies in its ability to beguile us on a physical level; in simplistic terms, any of the five senses (which most of us learned about at some point, during elementary school) are fair game, here. Therefore, although someone or something may appear highly pleasing to us on a sensory level (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) it does not necessarily follow that our perceptions in such instances are in line with the "truth" of the situation. For example, the people whom we have been quickest to confide in or form relationships with based upon their physical attributes and/or what we think we hear them saying may be the very people we would have been better off keeping at arms length. Additionally, where illusion is concerned, the flip of the preceding instance can be true, in that we can consciously or unconsciously mistake our perceptions of the unfavorable physical traits in people to indicate undesirable personal characteristics, consequently discarding them, only to later realize that we may have been wise to trust these people with our lives! In fact, what is perceived using our physical senses can sometimes be so far from reality that it is nothing short of astounding...and in the aftermath of the revelation we can feel like we have fallen really hard on our heads ~ ouch! 

Unfortunately there is no set formula for uncovering illusion:  Not all people subjectively perceived as beautiful on the outside have incompatible souls, and not all individuals regarded as physically unattractive can be guaranteed to be motivated and guided toward a path of personal integrity. Thus, the key to deciphering psychological illusions does not merely lie in assuming the opposite of what is perceived on physical levels, rather, it exists in our own willingness to take the time to scratch below each shallow surface to reveal the whole truth.

On larger sociocultural levels it is possible to perceive that the majority of us may have been presented with an assortment of social constructs that we have been hoodwinked into recognizing as "fact" or "truth". For example, the ideas of "race" and "gender" as objective, categorical realities have been pervasively entrenched into the majority of mainstream cultural thought and society, across space and time  ~ for centuries! Unfortunately these particular ideas have been so successful in their implantation that they have inspired numerous oppressive, divisive systems ~ many of which can be recognized as the various, very real "isms" ~ which continue to thrive today, and which, due to their negative influence threaten to weaken the spiritual fabric of the world in which we live. The reality of the "isms" and the devastation they inspire is unlikely to vanish until we become more readily able to identify the veneer binding together the concepts from which they were born.

~   ~   ~

The great news is that as the world grows older, many individuals drawn to a spiritual path are, indeed, beginning to discern the illusion hovering at the heart of many of the social constructs which have been set up to divide and conquer human beings, and are consequently influencing the collective consciousness in ways which are more conducive to equality, healing and harmony.

Multiple confrontations with illusion challenge us to move beyond the five, physical senses in order to recognize and utilize our sixth sense. The sixth sense is metaphysical in nature, and is more commonly referred to as “intuition”. Unlike the five traditional senses, most of us are not given academic instruction regarding the concept and practice of intuition. Although we are all born with intuition, some of us are better at recognizing, trusting and applying it than others. Like a muscle which has become feeble due to lack of exercise, our intuitive abilities are apt to wane if we neglect to use and fine tune them.

Intuition has been likened to a feeling in the gut, a calm, inner voice and a sense of “knowing”, even when such knowing appears to fly in the face of logic. We can notice our intuition working during the moments when we say to ourselves “something just doesn’t feel right about this”; when the hairs stand up on the back of our necks around certain people, when we feel a certain type of heaviness in the pit of our stomachs ~ almost like we had been punched in our energy body ~ or when the words we hear coming out of someone’s mouth sound like they make perfect sense (because we want them to) but don’t ring true in our hearts.

Remember: Although illusion can certainly lead us into treacherous waters, we would do well to recognize its existence as a higher power gift which promotes intuition development, helps to facilitate awareness around the types of material values which inform our own erroneous beliefs and assists in uncovering, strengthening and embracing the core spiritual values which are so important to our world.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beliefs and fears and desires and...oh my!

Everybody is a believer ~ even the most cynical of those among us! That is, we all believe in something. For example, many of us involved in, and committed to romantic relationships believe, on some level of consciousness, in the concept and practice of love. Likewise, many of us who breathe, eat, sleep, dream and move through the world believe in life…and so on, and so forth.

A spiritual perspective simply encourages us to exercise our beliefs with sensitivity. Developing clarity around how and what we believe is significant. In order to gain an understanding of the particular ways in which we believe, we need to explore what we know about our perceptions and attitudes. Some of the things we may need to unravel with this regard include an understanding of the types of beliefs we carry on a day to day basis, and an awareness of the intensity of our beliefs as we are holding them ~ with conscious thoughts we have awareness of our cognitions as they are happening, or not long thereafter.

Now, let’s return to the issue of romantic love. If we enter into a new relationship believing that it is not going to last very long (or that ultimately it will not work out), we run the risk of creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.  There are many, many of us who carry certain cognitions, including the belief that we are not worthy of being loved; that any love relationship we enter into will ultimately fail; that true love does not exist, and/or that we attract “bad people” because we are damaged (to name but a few). Yet most psychologists would agree that the desire of most human beings to love and be loved is phenomenal.

When fear based thoughts are contextualized by (relational) trauma they are very understandable, however they are also misguided. A big problem exists when our thoughts are incompatible with our wishes; when we assume the worst, even as a self protective measure (in order to avoid too much disappointment) what we usually unwittingly help to bring about is the complete opposite of our truest desires. In essence, through our fear based attempts to secure emotional safety we may end up locking ourselves into a self imposed, self-constructed prison allowing us the scarcest amount of room to live up to our fullest potential.

So how does the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy work?

A psychological lens, more specifically cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), concerns itself with the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This idea, in a nutshell, suggests that what we think (our cognitions) informs what we feel, which then influences how we behave. Note: these types of thoughts and feelings should be distinguished from intuition, which is another type of process altogether. Now consider the following contrasting examples to gain more of an understanding of how this idea (CBT) works, remembering to bear in mind the significance of conscious, pre-conscious and unconscious levels of awareness in all of these processes:

    1. Thought:  There is something wrong with me. Because I am damaged I am only able to attract other damaged people who may seek to exploit me
      Feeling:    I am mistrustful and fearful of people who attempt to engage me romantically
      Behavior: I distance myself from people, and may even sabotage potential relationships as a way to maintain control over what I perceive to be inevitable feelings of loss, abandonment and/or rejection
    2. Thought: I am a loving human being with much to offer; the world is a huge place with plenty of good and honorable people in it who can clearly recognize my worth
      Feeling: I am excited about the possibilities to love and be loved
      Behavior: I place intention into creating opportunities for myself during which I might meet interesting people for friendship and/or romance, and connect authentically with others even if it means straying away from my comfort zone

In both of the aforementioned examples the subject desires to love and be loved. However the thought patterns of example one are contrary to these desires and will likely bring about the subject’s fearful expectations, unlike the subject in example two, whose desires are aligned with her beliefs.

~ ~ ~

A metaphysical lens emphasizes the idea that “like attracts like.” Note: this does NOT mean that we attract people to us who are like us. What this actually means is that we attract according to our beliefs. If our beliefs are largely fear based, we will manifest (attract) our fears. In other words, the “Law of Attraction” will not work according to our desires unless our beliefs are in concert with them.

The primary principle to pay attention to is that we have the power to create our reality with our thoughts and our thoughts are not always the same as our desires, although we may trick ourselves into believing that they are.  It is important to recognize that our thoughts can be conscious and/or unconscious. When our thoughts linger in the unconscious zone things can be tricky because it is impossible to access, and alter thoughts that we have no awareness of. With this in mind, seeking counsel/healing from a trusted person or persons who can assist with bringing our thoughts, feelings and wishes to the surface, whether it be through traditional talk therapy, spiritual psychic medium readings and/or energy work can be invaluable. Alongside increased recognition and awareness of our thought processes we can analyze any distrustful, negative beliefs and judgments we may be exercising in relation to a love relationship situation, take note of the abovementioned principle, and make an authentic attempt to adjust our thinking so that our truest desires may be realized!

Additionally, recognition of the incredible power we carry as cerebral beings is fundamental: because our beliefs can effect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change ~ for better or for worse ~ knowing what we are sending out energetically is paramount, not only on personal levels connected to love, family, education and career but to our survival as a species! Our thoughts affect our behavior which in turn affects responses to us on individual, collective and universal levels. Some metaphilosophers have referred to this phenomenon as “Cause and Effect”.

Remember: We have the power to create our reality with our beliefs, therefore it is important to strive to be aware of what and how we are thinking, when we are thinking it. Now go and think about that!





Monday, April 20, 2015

Energy Healing/Reiki Sessions and Classes!

I am currently offering Energy Healing/Reiki sessions through my practice. All sessions take place in a peaceful office space. These sessions typically last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, unless they are combined with Counseling, in which case they are a bit shorter. The time is rarely evenly split between Reiki and Counseling. On occasion people might prefer to spend significantly more time receiving Reiki than Counseling, or vice versa; the way the time is balanced is naturally negotiated during the session.


Right at the outset of your receiving Energy Healing I will talk to you about my technique, and ask you if you have any questions about the process! I will invite you to lie on a table, fully clothed - many people choose to remove their shoes - and I will quite simply place my hands on your head, shoulders, back, chest stomach and limbs. Meditative and focused, I will channel healing energy from the environment to you, and you will receive the right amount of energy you need to increase balance on body, mind, emotion and spirit levels.


Some sensations you may experience include tingling, pulsing, relaxation and a feeling of deep warmth and comfort.


As an energy worker I do not diagnose, or prosthelytize regarding what is "wrong" with you, or how to make it "right". On occasion, however, I will offer you "feedback" related to the presence of healing energy at the sites of current and/or past injuries. Additionally, during the session I may be given communications from spirit guides (mine, and/or yours) to pass on to you (after the session). I will always ask you if you wish to receive such information before it is conveyed.


Results can be subtle, profound and anywhere in between! Following their Reiki sessions some recipients have reported greater relaxation, less stress and anxiety, a sense of calm, reduced pain and discomfort and spiritual journeys, and have used words such as: “profound”, "very relaxing", “amazing”, “life altering” and “relieving” to describe their own subjective experiences!


A final note on my role in Energy Healing/Reiki Sessions...

In accordance with the teachings on Energy Healing/Reiki, it is my understanding that during a Reiki session the universal life energy flows not from me, but through me, to you. As such, I do not view, or refer to myself as a healer, but rather a facilitator of holistic healing processes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Are you an Empath?

Ever wondered what an "empath" is, and whether you might be one? If so, you are encouraged to read on!

    • Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling like you have been run over by a freight train, with no discernible reason other than having spent time with a larger than usual number of people the day before? 

  • Would most people who know you well be inclined to agree that you are “sensitive”?

  • Do you experience frequent bouts of telepathy? For example, do you often find yourself thinking or dreaming about someone and then receiving a phone call, email or text message out of the blue from them?

  • Do you sometimes find yourself carrying intense emotions and not being able to figure out where they are coming from?

  • Do people (even complete strangers) have a tendency to gravitate towards you to “offload”? For example: do you find that people tell you things (as though they are confessing) they have never told anyone else before?

  • Do you have odd experiences with electricity and other sources of energy (for example, you get electric shocks (a lot!); the batteries of many things around you seem to drain very fast; light bulbs tend to flicker in your presence)?

  • Do you have a tendency to experience visceral discomfort when witnessing, or hearing about someone else’s pain (physical or emotional)?

  • Are you frequently fatigued for no apparent reason?

  • Do you suffer from a host of very real physical ailments which are unable to be verified medically?

  • Do you communicate with animals and/or plants?

  • Are you visited by what you suspect may be entities from other realms?

  • Do you routinely experience strong (sometimes unpleasant) sensations like nausea, anxiety and choking while in the presence of specific people?

  • Do you have significant problems sleeping?

  • Are you often told that you are "too emotional?"

  • Do you find yourself frequently “knowing” when someone is emphatically stating one thing (or acting in a certain way) while actually feeling the opposite?
  Do you ever feel like you are picking up the physical symptoms of another?
  Do you have a frequent need for solitude?
 Are you drawn to water?
  Have you been told by others that you have "warm" or “healing hands”?
  Do you tend to put the needs of others above your own?
   If you answered "yes" to half or more of these questions you could be an empath!

    So, what is an Empath?

At first glance the word “empath” may appear to bear some resemblance to the word “empathic”; however, there are some fundamental differences between the two which are important to clarify.
One of the more important distinctions is that being empathic tends to be a conscious choice, whereas the experiences of an empath are often involuntary. Furthermore, while an empathic person strives to understand and feel the experiences of another on cerebral and emotional levels, the empath literally takes on the energy of another, and can do this across space and time; via face-to-face encounters, telephone conversations, dreams, music, thoughts, sex, clothes, food – the list is endless, as everything is comprised of energy.

 For the empath, then, it is all about energy. An empath can be likened to a large sponge, knowingly and unknowingly soaking up the energetic vibrations of anything and everything they encounter. Consider the following points:
 Empaths exposed to various sizes of groups of people often find themselves “taking on” a plethora of (contradictory) emotions belonging to others, which can leave them feeling confused, conflicted and worn out (it is because of this phenomenon that many empaths get labeled with mood disorders);
  • While involuntarily taking on multiple identities, some empaths may notice a loss of their authentic self, leading to a feeling of little to no control over the direction their life is going;
  • The empath who wears used clothing, jewelry or shoes may adopt certain aspects of the personality and characteristics of the previous wearers;
  • Many empaths may develop instant feelings of aversion towards certain individuals that are so strong – without apparent reason - that it impacts their ability to tolerate being in the presence of some people;
  • If you are an empath, you may notice some people distancing themselves from you due to unconscious and/or conscious fears of the uncovering of things they would rather were kept secret;

  • Empaths engaged in healing work may notice themselves becoming ill with the same ailments as the healees they serve, while the healees recover.

  If the preceding list of experiences identified as being common to empaths seems daunting, it might be helpful to consider the idea that there is actually a “double-edged sword” nature attached to being an empath. While one side of the sword has been described above, the other side corresponds to the fact that it can be extremely powerful, in personal and spiritual ways, to be deeply perceptive on intuitive, mental and emotional levels. 

 In the same way that some empaths can be repelled by the energies in some people to the extent that they are unable to be around them, they can also be magnetically drawn to others who have active or latent empath ability, thus helping to contribute towards the development of a collective consciousness which is geared towards the sensibility of healing, through merging with such others. Moreover, if an empath is truly paying attention to/trusting their intuitive abilities and connecting with others who are similarly "gifted" they are able to influence the direction of the Universe in a way that is consistent with its ultimate survival.