Sunday, July 19, 2015

~The Spiritual Playground of Connections and Dreams~


Many people are familiar with the increasingly popular catchphrase: “Everything is connected”. However, it is conceivable that equally many might say they were unsure as to the exact implications of this statement, if they were asked to define it. How about you? What might your definition be? Although it is probably fair to say that the meaning of this statement is fairly subjective in nature, for purposes of this piece of writing, let's contemplate the significance of connection from the perspective of our friends who dwell in the spirit world.  

Interconnectivity is a main frame of reference for Spirit Guides, Angels and departed loved ones, expressly as it pertains to their collective work as healing oriented messengers. These spiritually evolved beings, although somewhat different in their origins, abilities and levels of ascension, actively use connections to impart multidimensional messages concerned with the happiness, healing, transformation and evolutionary growth of individuals, duos, groups, various societies and world civilizations.

In essence, these spirit beings are largely able to maintain access to an aerial view of our personal, life road maps, and are eager to impart information which will make our journeys less confusing and more enlightening, experientially, for us. They are able to see the multiple twists and turns we may (or perhaps should not) take in order to reach our core destinies, and are invested in advising us as we deliberate around roads, paths and highways, in order that we might find the best routes possible!  

Perhaps your curiosity has been piqued by a certain animal that is all of a sudden, popping up in your dreams, thoughts and other areas of waking life, or…a person with whom you were once connected unexpectedly makes contact after you have been dreaming/thinking of them, or…the lyrics of an uncommon song are “stuck in your head” ~ and then you hear the song, multiple times through different types of media? Whatever the particular scenario it is helpful to try to conceive of these links as road signs, emblazoned with information pertinent to the particular person who is receiving them on multiple dimensions; the signs are particularly illustrious when we try to keep a creative and scholarly mind, open to recognizing connection.  

Controversial founder of the theory of psychoanalysis, Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1936), once referred to dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious”, basically meaning that the optimal way to access and understand the unconscious mind is through the dream state. Interestingly, although Freud’s beliefs probably came to fruition using an analytical lens (he was well known for his logical and investigative methods), a spiritual viewpoint would concur with what he had to say about dreams, in terms of their relevance to highlighting unconscious processes, and would even go a step further in its understanding that spirit helpers, including guides, deceased ancestors, angels and animal entities are actually able to communicate with many of us, more easily while we are in various dream states, than when we are in the waking state.

For those of us interested in harnessing the gifts otherworldly information has to offer, learning more about various dream states and the most effective ways to enter, and recall them can be extremely beneficial! Spirit helpers can connect with us regardless of the particular dream state, however, the spiritual dream state appears to be most conducive to receipt of spirit communications.  

Precognitive dreams can be placed in the spiritual category. In this kind of dreaming experience, individuals’ dreams are often quite literal, and tend to feel “real”. That is, the individual typically experiences the dream to be quite rational, although the content ~ in instances where spirit helpers are communicating a warning ~ may be somewhat alarming. Not everyone who experiences a precognitive dream will remember it, however, there are exercises we can explore in the waking state, if we are so inclined, which can help us develop our ability to retrieve information acquired through dreams. Being able to recognize and retrieve the spirit guided information offered in precognitive dreams is significant, as these dreams are prophetic by nature.

Lucid dreams can also be placed in the spiritual category, and are arguably easier to recall than the precognitive type of dream; they can be conceived of as a “spiritual playground” of sorts, in that the individual has awareness that they are dreaming, and is also able to manipulate the dreaming experience at will. As you might imagine, this can be quite a pleasurable experience! Many experienced lucid dreamers have also reported having conversations with various spirit helpers related to matters of foresight, evolution and planetary healing. 

As mentioned earlier, our spirit helpers are able to communicate with us through dreams, no matter what the level or category of the particular dream state is. Being aware that they tend to communicate using symbols (universal, and/or personal) and emotions is more important than worrying about our ability to achieve certain “higher consciousness” dream states ~ this type of development can come with intention, attention, time and practice! In the meantime:  

Remember to regard the symbolic imagery and emotions in your dreams! Additionally, consider the idea that coincidences without meaning do not exist in a spiritual context!


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